We are manufacturing all type of belt and screw conveyors for last 15 years successfully. In screw conveyors our creativity prove that the conveying item can be conveyed in a very small diameter-conveyor body, as we never use any bearings and instead of that we always use self-lubrication busses. This can help you to invest lower than making a big diameter of the conveyor body. Only our technology can make the longest conveyors for rice mills. Previously we have made 60 feet to 86 feet screw conveyors which is running successfully with pneumatic system too.

If we discuss about our belt conveyors there our main feature is its amazing get-up and superior power of conveying the item. And the pneumatic system helps us to give you the combination of brain and beauty. As we specially make conveyors for rice mills, so we have to make it run for years and years by conveying the hot and wet paddy. We always keep that thinking in our mind. We always give the guarantee of belts for minimum 5 to 15 years (varies by the quality and use).

Our belt conveyors flexibility and portability made another impression. Our conveyors are now used in small to big factories, rice mills, brick factories, oil mills and in some sugar mills too. We are really thankful to our engineers that they made it so popular not only in rice mills but also in another fields.

The new generation conveyors (both belt and screw type) of Shakti Engineering Works are changing the idea of conveying. It’s ever smart and powerful but its power consumption is very low too. This combination is not a work of a single day. We had researched on it and then discovered the best conveyor for you. Our smart-conveyors are helping thousands of users to cut down the labour problem.