Every elevator must have the quality to elevate the paddy or the rice in shortest time with maximum delivery which is now possible with our modern and powerful elevators. Our engineers have drawn the best ever sketch of an elevator which can run in the lowest power consumption because of its light weight but strongest bucket and pulley’s design. These pulleys are so much heavy that it will last for the longest and designed by the specialists so that it can run with the lowest power consumption.

Being no. 1 is not so easy and not a work of a single day. To take the first position one must have to be genuine and smart on his product. Our honesty is the main material by which we run our company. We not only make elevators for dryer, parboiling or silos but we are also involved in making individual elevators. Our makers` assiduousness is so much for manufacturing. To make a normal elevator we had researched about everything to make it perfect working and a gorgeous look.

And obviously the fittings depend on the perfect manufacturing process always. Our process is to cutting, aligning, joining the raw materials after completing the drawing. The drawings always made by our so experienced engineers. We always think about the betterment of your mill.