Paddy Dryer is one of our mother product we are making with our best ever engineers since the starting of our company. Our paddy dryer made us so proud because of its very low power consumption, short time of drying process, minimum steam wastage and thus giving you high quality food in very low cost. We are now making 1/2 ton to 50 ton paddy dryer with the best blower which can blow the perfect air by the help of a very small motor to save the power. Our hit exchanger is made with so smart technology that it can exchange the steam heat to hot air with minimum steam consumption.

But the most important thing in our dryer is its port cutting design by which it can dry the paddy in a very short time without making any harm to the paddy. M/s Shakti Engineering Works has the qualified team to make the dryer so that you can feel proud because you will have the best dryer in your mill.

Our husk furnace dryer (Cyclone Furnace Type/Nozzle Furnace Type) is so unique on its own platform too. The most husk efficient furnace type dryers are also very successful and making the same quality of rice without any need of hit-exchanger or boiler.

Our technology made our dryer so smooth that it will give you complete hassle-free processing. We give our dryer so beautiful look that it changes the idea of rice mill what others think. Yes, the look what a modern rice mill actually needs. This is our guarantee that our dryer will give your rice mill one extra star.

Unique fully automatic and mechanized on-line sensor based temperature controlled gradual drying system ensures consistent and uniform drying of paddy without breaking the delicates rice grain. We are making the dryer plant with complete mild-steel or stainless-steel or by mixing the both. Manufacturing and fittings is not enough to establish a good relationship with our customers, so this is completely our responsibility to trial the dryer for at least five-seven days after run it. And the most important thing which made us so famous is our after installation service. We will provide every type of service for our product till the end of it`s life-span. So you don’t need to waste your time by thinking that after installation of the dryer whenever it will meet with any problem, who will provide you the perfect solution and service. So get a paddy dryer form Shakti Engineering Works means get the complete solution for your pre-milling paddy drying process.