The product which made us so proud for long time is our Paddy Parboiling and Pressure Plant. Our company is so famous for its parboiling plant because of its ability to give your rice the perfect quality, colour and shape. Nowadays, for modern rice mills we are making the fully automatic three-stage parboiling plants as well as semi-auto and ordinary manual parboiling too.

Our semi-auto parboiling is so successful that it is giving a great output in low investment. When we make a parboiling plant actually we make the future of the rice. We made the steaming and soaking process so easy by our own technology that it gives each and every paddy complete steam in same time in the parboiling tank. Our so experienced engineers made the strainer pipe’s design too much modern and successful by making it single, two-wings, three-wings, four-wings and five-wings system according to the size of the parboiling tank. In the full-auto-three-stage parboiling plant we provide the rotaries valve manufactured in our own factory by modern machines like roller, lathe, hydraulic press, hack-saw etc.

Every miller wants to operate his mill in low power consumption and we made it by our latest technology. We are so proud to say that we are the leading parboiling and pressure plant maker for rice mill from a very long time because of we can take the responsibility of the risk factors to run a pressure plant. There is a lots of chance of major accidents while working in a pressure plant. But only our company can give you the guarantee of zero tension in a pressure plant. We provide the IBR certificate in a pressure plant by which you can be sure that your products are 100 % genuine and responsible for your workers.

Our 303, 304, 316 gr. seamless pipes are the world’s no. 1 pipe for pressure plant’s strainer. We always hand you over the certificate having the original hit-number which you can match with the plates. And never miss the ISI (BSI) stamp on your plate. Choosing wisely only can help you working smartly.