We won the heart of all millers by our silo’s design and it`s longevity. It has all the eligibility to keep the dry paddy cool by it`s new baffle system. Our silos are so strong that it can hold the maximum paddy with the strongest structure. Paddy silos are basically used for storing the dry paddy just came out from the dryer. But there was a big problem to keep the hot paddy in the all side closed silo. So, we are making it with baffles which will help the paddy to be cooled automatically as the time goes. But the miracle is our `S` type system which can protect the paddy to be wet by the outside rain. Shakti Engineering Works has thousands of cause to say that it is the most compatible silo for you rice mill. Truly your paddy storing problem ends here, this is our guarantee.

Our silo got the beautiful look by our modern machines like plasma cutter, pipe bender, hydraulic press, lathe and obviously by our special makers who have 15-35 years of experience of making silos.

Our engineers also discovered the great idea which will help to clean the paddy automatically at the time of storage. This is true that the dried paddy already has been cleared in the cleaning section though there can have some small foreign particles i.e. dusts in the paddy. But the good news is our silo can blow all of them by it`s automatic air passing system. So, don’t you think that after dryer the paddy must go across from this special silo for milling?